Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Longing for Rest and Perspective

Some days it feels much more difficult to keep proper perspective than it does on other days. This week has had some of those days. Jaycie started a cough again and I have a head cold that feels a whole lot like what I thought I just got rid of. At least I'm able to sleep this time around. That is when I don't have kids waking up because they are teething or coughing or just crying out "mommy" in their sleep. Some days I wish I was my husband. Most days I don't. He has to get up every day and go to work. He has God-given responsibilities that I am certainly grateful do not fall onto my shoulders. But when it comes to sleep, yes, I very, very much wish I was him. We just heard at the FamilyLife marraige conference, a few months ago, the difference between men and women when they sleep. The speaker informed us that men go into a complete coma. Women on the other hand have radar, scanning every noise that occurs during the night. I'm certain my husband could sleep through an earthquake where our entire house falls apart. There have been nights where he comes downstairs happy that the kids all slept through the night. Rather than record my response, let's just say he doesn't do that anymore. Unless I inform him that the kids slept through the night, he can pretty much guarantee they didn't.

I know my life is blessed. So many suffer all around the world. So many parents are struggling to get their children healthy from serious problems. So many moms, dads, and children are battling cancer. I simply am fighting off the common cold in this house. At the same time, although my head understands this, my emotions are really having a difficult time dealing with the fact that my 1-year-old continues to yell at me and demand my attention. She continues to operate like the Energizer bunny who never stops and doesn't allow me to stop when I want to. (I just had to stop her from climbing on top of me, clicking on the mouse, typing on the keyboard and attempting to turn off the computer while I type. I gave her a snack and put her in front of the T.V. which should hopefully give me 5 minutes to finish typing this. I realize I'm creating problems for her later in life with shoving food in her face, but for now, it's a solution that works temporarily.)

Yesterday I was attempting to keep perspective. My 4-year-old asked me to do a puzzle with her. I was attempting to talk to a girlfriend on the phone and keep the baby from destroying the work we had already completed on the puzzle. Needless to say, I had nothing short of a breakdown and had to hang up on my friend. Multitasking creates stress. Will someone please tell me how I can avoid it as a mother? Please?

I'm grateful for perspective. I continue to seek God and His perspective. I was reading this morning about how God commanded the Israelites to have a Sabbath day and rest. Maybe this is the point He is attempting to convey to me as well. I need to be more intentional about rest. The thing is, I thought I was being more intentional about this. How I work in rest with three kids to take care of is all confusion for me. Yet in those short moments where I am talking to God and reading the Bible, I feel rested. Until the kids call me again.

Ande spilled her food all over the sofa. Jaycie wants breakfast and housework is calling my name. Rest is something I long for and I know God is the place to find it.

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls." - Matthew 11:29


  1. Hey, I'm curious, did Rod sleep through the earthquake this morning? Ryan is the same way, we could have a metal band playing in the bedroom and he would be sound asleep. I understand the meltdown, I've had my own recently :-)

  2. Yes, but then again, I think I did too! :)

  3. Hang in there; a few more years and they'll all be in school for the day!

  4. I was attempting to comfort myself that way, too, Aunt Rose, until I realized the amount of homework and after school activities Nikelle will probably have by then. She'll be well into junior high by the time Ande is in school all day. Yikes!