Monday, February 22, 2010

Someone please inform my children...

Today has not gone at all as planned. No wonder I find myself wanting to calm my emotions by eating. I know I cannot continue to use excuses and eat junk. That will only take me further down a path I do not want to be on.

I was hoping to get up early to exercise but that ended when the first child woke before sun rise. Ande was up from 2-3 in the morning. Jaycie was up asking for water at 4 and Nike needs to be up to get ready for school no later than 6:30.

I thought I would simply change my plans and exercise during nap time but when I saw the driveway, I knew that shoveling would be my exercise for the day. So, when I thought the kids were down for naps, I went out to clear the driveway (that snow was heavy!).

Upon finishing the driveway, I came in to Jaycie greeting me with tears in her eyes and hearing the baby screaming in her crib. Jaycie has developed a cough again which caused her to throw up in her bed. I have no idea if Ande ever napped or if she just screamed the entire time I was out shoveling. My guess is that she just screamed because she is cutting another tooth (not to mention a bit strong willed).

I held Ande for a bit and put her back in her crib hoping she would nap. I got Jaycie's sheets in the washer and came upstairs only to find the dog had thrown up on the floor! (Thankfully it was the kitchen floor which is so much easier to clean up than the carpet.) Par for the course, Ande did not go back to sleep so I went to see if I could rock her to sleep because the day would only continue to turn into a nightmare if the child goes without a nap. That was very unsuccessful so I gave in and came downstairs. Jaycie was asking for candy and wanted to play on the computer. Due to her incessant whining, she lost both of those privileges earlier in the day for the entire day! (I'm beginning to think punishing the child is more punishment on myself.)

I was hoping to get a shower in after I shoveled the driveway but someone forgot to inform my children of my plans.

The house seems to be a bit more calm at the moment. (I hope it is not the eye of the storm.) I think I will inform my children of tomorrow's plans tonight at bedtime. Too bad information does not always lead to cooperation.

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