Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eating through sleep deprivation

I'm very aware of the fact that I eat when I'm tired and can't sleep. I guess that I think for some reason eating will help me stay awake better??? I'm really not sure why I do it. It's just one excuse that I have yet to overcome.

Today, my baby is 18-months-old and I am a bit sleep deprived. She'll go a stretch of sleeping well and then she gets sick or cuts teeth and all that is out the window. Of course, when she goes the stretch of sleeping well, someone else is sick and needs me in the middle of the night.

There was one night this past week where everyone was sleeping soundly and yet I awoke to a loud "boom". I could not figure out what the noise was and heard yelling. I was a tad bit concerned that someone was attempting to break into our house. Finally, I figured out that someone decided to run through our neighbor's fence with their vehicle. Once that mystery was solved, I was able to get back to sleep all the while fairly irritated with the fact that even when my family does allow me to sleep there's something else keeping me awake.

I have an early to bed early to rise philosophy. When this doesn't work with our weekly schedule, I begin to feel run down and fill my exhaustion with food. Most of the time, I can identify this and just get my butt to bed but there are times when meetings and children do not allow me to take that course. Yesterday and today would fall into that category and I have not coped in an appropriate way. Tonight is another "need to be up" moment and I look forward to a down day tomorrow where I can hopefully get a nap or something before another evening out.

At least there is Saturday to look forward to. Rod will share the load that morning. I really need to figure out another avenue for dealing with my sleep deprivation when I can't hit the hay. For now, I'm so grateful I don't do this parenting thing alone!

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