Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Identification = Change

Identifying the excuses I make has been helpful in changing my ways. Now, when I think of one of these excuses I can quickly identify it as just that and find something else to do other than eat. If we never quite pinpoint the problem, how do we change?

For years now, I've had a problem with my toes. I had gone to a podiatrist back when Nike was a baby and was informed that I have a circulation issue. There wasn't really much I could do other than attempt to keep my toes from getting cold. It's always worse in the winter. My toes itch so incredibly bad that the only way I can relieve it is to scald my toes with hot water. The other morning, I decided to google things a little further and found a name for the problem: Chilblains. When my toes get cold and I warm them up too quickly (i.e., with a heater), my blood vessels refuse to work properly and I end up with sore, itchy, red toes. This is a fairly consistent problem during the winter and it clears up some in the warmer months.

Knowing this allows me to change. Rather than heating my toes up quickly by cranking up the floor heat in the van or even using a space heater, I now warm them slowly. This has lead to huge improvement. I can now put my shoes on without pain. So I put them on this morning and utilized my treadmill.

Identifying my problems, triggers, excuses... it's all part of changing the path I'm on.

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