Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter 2010

Today, my family will come over to celebrate Easter together. This is the third year we celebrate without my dad. Funny how it still hurts. The pain is still so fresh. And yet, it's become part of life. I don't struggle quite as much with the fact that it is truly a reality. I don't attempt to squeeze the topic of my dad into conversations quite as much. It's not crucial to my heart as much anymore that my girls remember my dad. But I still wish he was here.

As we were headed to the Good Friday service last night, I decided to talk with Jaycie about Jesus' death on the cross. I wanted to be certain she understood it as we were going to be partaking in communion and I wanted her to be able to participate.

"Jaycie, do you know why Jesus died on the cross?"

"Yes," she replied quite confidently. "So he can take us to heaven and we can be with Papa and Grandpa."

"That is a nice perk to be able to see Papa and Grandpa again," I smiled as I watched my husband smirk from the corner of my eye.

I felt the need to clarify a little further. "Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross to take away our sins."

It's really what keeps me going. The fact that we live for something bigger than ourselves. If I don't live for God... If my purpose in life wasn't greater than myself... I'm not really sure how I could face each day. I'm so forever grateful that this world is not all there is. Eternity is what we live for and hope for... with Jesus.

And yes, my darling, Jaycie... with Papa and Grandpa, too.

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  1. That's so sweet! Emma is really starting to grasp the idea of salvation and why Christ had to die on the cross too. She had a lot of questions before, during and after our Good Friday service last night. I don't think she's completely understanding everything yet, but she's getting close! It's neat to see her and Jaycie learning the same things! :)

    Love, Jenny