Friday, June 4, 2010

Showing Responsibility

I love to surround myself with family and friends as we celebrates the birthdays of our children. Our oldest, Nikelle, will be turning 8 at the end of this month. When we began planning her birthday party, she brought me her "small" list of those friends she wanted to invite. There were "only 37 kids" on her incomplete list. Her reasoning for considering it a small list was that "Well, it's not like it's 100".

Today is her first day out of school and we received about 6 RSVP's from the 28 kids invited from her second grade class. This presented me with quite the challenge because while I very much appreicate RSVP's, I do not take it upon myself to contact those who do not respond. I simply try to make an educated guess and go with the motto "it's always better to have too much than too little".

My little girl decided that since this was her first day without any school, she would call her friends and inquire as to whether or not they would be joining her at the party. I have to admit that this was a huge relief for me! 17 responses I now have from my daughter's phone calls make planning her celebration so much easier!

I think I'm going to like this next year of her life. She really proved a huge amount of responsibility. She's an organized little kid. She loves people and is so excited to have her friends share in her day. I am, too. I love that we can celebrate big. It's one way to show how thankful we are that God gave us another year with them.

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  1. Nice! Have a fun summer, and Happy Birthday to Nikelle!