Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Living on Cheese Balls

Last week could be categorized as “living on cheese balls”. We were running ragged and I sincerely think that the major food source for my girls was junk – cheese balls being the #1 consumption. Needless to say, this week I am paying for my lack of effort as a nutritionalist in my girls’ life last week.

Andelise came down with a fever on Sunday. Natural consequence: She and I have not slept well the last two nights. Today, she was still running a fever so I apprehensively scheduled the appointment with the pediatrician. I never really know whether I should be taking her in (and exposing her to all the additional germs in the office) or wait it out (and possibly feel guilty later that I didn’t take her in sooner). No big surprise that after I scheduled the appointment, she was asking for eggs for breakfast, her fever stopped and she started acting like herself again.

After conferring with my husband, I cancelled the appointment praying I was making the right decision. She took a 2 ½ hour nap today which I sincerely thank God for. Jaycie and I took naps as well. We were able to catch up slightly on some much needed sleep. Unfortunately, when Ande woke up from her nap, she was nothing outside of crabby. Nonstop whining and crying followed for a good hour or so leaving me seriously frustrated.

When her sister and cousin returned from day camp, this cheered her up giving me a few moments where I am not offering her the world to get her to stop her screaming. I am worn out. There is candy all over my floor. She just spilled a can of pop on the air mattress the girls are sleeping on and…

…now she just spilled a juice box on the floor.

My girlfriend just called and I told her all of this all the while listening to the screaming by my side. I decided to vacuum the candy nerds off the floor while the older girls get cleaned up and ready for bed. My cousin’s daughter (who is staying with us on and off this week) asked Jaycie to come down and get her PJ’s. More than thrilled to help her, Jaycie came down and I helped her get the suitcase to carry it upstairs. I went back to vacuuming only to hear the phone ring and my daughter scream as she fell backwards down the stairs. I just cried as I held her and thanked God that she wasn't hurt seriously. (I also explained my tears to my daughter that I was just scared with her as she fell.)

I feel like I’m going in the wrong direction in every area of my life today. I’ve eaten every kind of junk I could find in the house today. I’m spending more money than I should. And while I love my kids, I would give anything today to run away from it all and clear my head, curl up with a pillow and blanket and sleep this all away.

Some days I simply thank God for just getting us to the end of the day. Today is one of those days. I am thankful for a nap today. (I’d hate to think what I’d be like without it.) I’m also thankful that the baby’s fever is down. I’m grateful my niece brought Nikelle and Julia home from day camp today, saving me the trip. I’m grateful I have a husband coming home shortly to help me (and bringing home pizza). I'm grateful for Elmo that for the moment is keeping my little one from screaming. I'm grateful that I can meet a girlfriend for a run tonight to help me feel like I can salvage my day. More than anything, I’m grateful that even in the midst of everything today, I know God was there helping me through it all.

Oh, and I’m also thankful for cheese balls. They made last week so much easier. As a matter of fact, if I had those in the house right now, I’d probably be giving them to the girls for dinner again tonight.


  1. Tristi, I like how you are still able to be thankful even when you are having a bad day. I would love to be able to do that.

  2. Jenna - I find that gratitude is what pulls me out of the darkest of days. I was praying for you and Juliana today. You were on my heart.

  3. Praying your week gets better for you.