Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nikelle learns about John the Baptist

Nikelle has been attending day camp at the Christian Youth Center with her cousin, Julia, this week. I asked her yesterday what they learned about. "John the Baptist". I asked her what she learned about John the Baptist. "That he looked wierd." I can relate to that answer. I remember that being the thing that stood out to me about him as a kid as well. Who wears camel hair and eats locusts anyway? When I probed further, she informed me that he prepared a baptism for Jesus. We clarified that a bit. I asked her if she knew how he was related to Jesus. "He was a baptist." Well, there you go. (FYI - I did make sure she knew he was Jesus' cousin.)


  1. I think maybe I should be going to day camp too. Thanks for sharing, Kids make it so matter of fact :)

  2. Funny! Ryan came home from VBS at Stone Hill and told me that Eve was made from the bones of Adam. I had to do a little clafification on that one too!!