Monday, August 30, 2010

40 Reasons I love my husband on his 40th Birthday

1. Rod loves God whole-heartedly and desires to live for Him.

2. Rod has a contagious laugh.

3. Rod knows how to love selflessly.

4. Rod knows how to keep his priorities straight.

5. Rod is the best daddy in the world.

6. Rod is such a wonderful husband that I find myself praying that my girls will have husbands like their daddy one day.

7. Rod is a dedicated provider for our family.

8. Rod is a family man. He helps his mom and my mom without complaining.

9. Rod teaches me to be neighborly. He mows the lawn regularly for our next door neighbors in their time of need without batting an eye.

10. Rod has taught me to enjoy football but he is not overly consumed with sports.

11. Rod has taught me how to love a geek and be proud too.

12. Rod has taught me what it means to be a sports fan, not a fair weathered fan.

13. Rod loves science fiction and history but will gladly watch a chick flick with me.

14. Rod is my absolute favorite person to shop with. He just requires dinner or a movie be involved.

15. Rod has taught me to be responsible with money.

16. Rod has shown me that sometimes good enough is good enough.

17. Rod willingly gets carry-out so I don’t have to cook.

18. Rod works all day and sometimes at night but always does bedtime for the girls.

19. Rod is a fabulous example of a Christ-follower.

20. Rod steps up to help whenever he sees a need.

21. Rod has taught me the importance of being laid back.

22. Rod has shown me the importance of time alone.

23. Rod is full of wisdom. He is my go to man when I have questions.

24. Rod may not be the carpenter I was used to growing up with (every girls compares their husband to their daddy somehow) but he keeps our house in the condition it needs to be in.

25. Rod is actually more of an introvert, but he believes in building relationships.

26. Rod believes in me and encourages me to reach for my dreams even when I don’t believe in myself.

27. Rod is the reason I know about The Borg, JarJar Binks and Orcs.

28. Rod has taught me that what others think about me is not important.

29. Rod has taught me to enjoy the quiet.

30. Rod has taught me to enjoy bonfires while in awe of God’s creation.

31. Rod has taught me to laugh even in the midst of pain.

32. Rod is God’s tool to bring healing to my heart.

33. Rod was a huge comfort during my dad’s death. As he went through the loss of his own dad, he always comforted me by saying he couldn’t imagine losing his dad at the age my dad was.

34. Rod believes in family time – alone, with extended family and with friends.

35. Rod has the best dreams – when he isn’t grabbing my face in the middle of the night and terrifying me because of an “intruder”— it’s fun to listen to him retell them.

36. Rod enjoys family traditions – those we grew up with and forming our own.

37. Rod is the calm in our family.

38. Rod challenges me to be a better person.

39. Rod is my best friend.

40. The fact that this list could go on and on reminds me that I am blessed more than I could have ever imagined because he is mine.

Happy 40th birthday, Rod! I love you!


  1. Hey Tristi,
    Tell Roddy we said Happy Birthday! And you are right he is a great guy. Thank God for wonderful husbands!!!! We are coming up at the end of Sept. beginning of Oct. We hope to see you then.
    Love ya
    Deborah & Rob
    Joshua & Katherine

  2. I don't know your husband but he sounds like a wonderful person and you are truly lucky to have him in your life. I couldn't think of 40 things I love about my husband so know that you are a very blessed person.

  3. Every young woman should read this and learn to look for these qualities in a potential husband. What a godly man! I'm not foolish enough to think he's perfect, but his heart seems to be in the right place...humility comes to mind. He's also blessed to have a wife that can and does appreciate his better qualities. Thanks for sharing!