Friday, September 3, 2010

Andelise is 2!

Two years ago today, Andelise entered our world. These days, you will find her climbing on the sofas (or anything else she can get a foothold on), jumping all over anything with a little bounce (or she makes her own bounce) and even doing somersaults throughout the house. The other day, she even decided to stand in our sandtable (which prompted my mom and sister to gift her with a sandbox for her birthday). Thankfully, she does not climb out of her crib, and I am still able to count on its confines.

I love to watch Ande carry her blanket around in her mouth like a puppy dog. She is still quite attached to her sippy cup which she often requests “more juice” from and laughs an anticipatory nervous “Do I really get to have it?” laugh as I fill it up with 98% water and 2% juice. Still, if I only give her the water, she knows the difference and asks to have her cup opened for juice.

While she was willing to use the potty chair at 18-months, I’m certain I am going to have a battle on my hands when I decide to really buckle down with potty training in the near future. Currently, when I ask if she wants to use the potty chair, she responds with “NO potty chair!” and I explain how she is going to have to use the potty chair and be a big girl like her sisters. Her request then is “candy too?” Maybe there is some hope with bribery involved.

Andelise is our naturalist. She loves to wear as little as possible, enjoys being outside, and seems to appreciate God’s creation as she points out every bird and bug in the yard. The bugs are not appreciated quite as much as she has learned from her sisters to squeal about them but often she simply tells them to “shoo”.

Our little girl is not a shy one and seems attracted to danger. While I am exhausted with the energy this little one has, she brings great joy to our household with all of her antics. She is nonstop from the time she wakes up until the time she lays down again but she usually welcomes sleep which is a relief for me.

Ande likes to get her sisters and her cousins to play ring-around-the-rosy as well as dance around to any music that she hears. We can often catch her singing the tune of Jesus Loves Me which melts our hearts. It amazes me how music can almost always calm her down when she is upset, too.

She has changed Nikelle’s name to “Nell” and likes to boss everyone around. Jaycie’s name is often yelled as Andelise makes her demands. Although, there are moments you can capture them interacting nicely and actually enjoying one another’s company. Our youngest is excited to see anyone walk in the door and greets them with a huge Andelise smile that brightens up the room.

Andelise knows what she wants and doesn’t hesitate to declare it. Rod tells the story in his birthday letter to her about our trip back from Minnesota around Easter where she saw we had chips in the van. She cried, “Chip. Chip. Chiiiip!!” as though she was crawling through a desert looking for water. That is a great description of the moment and often the way she makes demands. It makes one feel guilty for not giving in to her.

We are learning to cherish these toddler moments as they are almost behind us. As she is in a hurry to grow up, we are content just watching her grow, remembering that we only have these moments for a season.

Andelise, you may have been born during a dark moment in our lives, but we are grateful for the ways you have forever brightened them. We thank God for lending you to us and pray you grow up to know Him personally and intimately. We love you!


  1. that is seriously one impressive cake!! and goodness, you little girl sounds so precious and what a personality :)

  2. Oh my goodness that is great!!!

  3. I'm going to have to stop reading your blog girl because I'm in tears more often than not by your words. I love how you thank God for lending her to you. Tears, tears.

  4. What a wonderful (and strong) sounding little girl! And a very creative cake.

    I'm visiting from You:Create.

    And a hint about potty training - don't push it, she'll be ready when she's ready. She won't go to college in diapers. (I know because mine are in college!)

  5. Holy wow, that is a serious cake! And a very sweet little birthday girl :)