Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Freebie Fanatics

My husband is a freebie fanatic. He judges the status of the economy by the amount of free t-shirts he receives at the technical conferences he attends. He views pens, pencils, magnets, and anything anyone is handing out for free as a treasure. Honestly, I view most of the stuff that he brings into our home as junk. It’s good to have pens and I’m happy when he receives t-shirts or baseball caps but the day he attempted to prominently display a tissue box that pathetically transformed into a tissue box “laptop computer” was where I drew the line. There is only so much stuff we can collect in this house.

This past summer, our daughter was walking around our County Fair with her cousin when I heard her inquire at a booth, “Is this stuff free?” [sigh] Maybe it’s hereditary... or maybe it’s contagious.

I have recently found myself entering blog giveaways. While I really did not anticipate that I would actually win anything, the contests are fun to enter. They always give you a little something to hope for.

When I woke up this morning, I was not even thinking about the blog giveaway entry I made yesterday. Excitement filled the air as I saw an e-mail in my inbox from Jill Savage telling me that I won! My cousin and I are going to the What Women Want Now Women’s Expo in Bloomington/Normal. The highlight of the day for my cousin, I’m certain, will be the photo signing with BooBoo Stewart, who plays Seth Clearwater in the Twilight movies. (Not too many, including myself, would know the true appreciation for this moment.) My highlight, on the other hand, will be the “meet and greet” with Jill Savage . As the founder of Hearts at Home, Jill’s authenticity and transparency have been instrumental in my life. My marriage, my relationship with my children and my friendships are better because of Hearts at Home.

I am so excited to spend the day with my cousin. She is not just my cousin, but one of my closest friends. So while I’m learning that free giveaways can be fun, Rod’s little trinkets don’t even begin to compare to my day out!


  1. Awesome! I understand the true appreciation of meeting BooBoo Stewart- I sadly have gotten sucked into the Twilight movies, but not at the fanatical stage. Congrats to you on winning! That should be lots of fun!

  2. You forgot to mention the free coffee cups, sunglass holder, frizbees, a compass, a pile of books, oh and one of my favorites...chocolate bars shapped like cars.