Sunday, September 12, 2010

National Day of Encouragement

I had no idea that there actually was a "National Day of Encouragement". A new site I came across, (in)courage, is how I learned today is that day. The other day I came across a post about an opportunity to receive free cards from DaySpring so I could use them for this day. Immediately friends came to mind that would benefit from these encouraging cards.

I have friends who I am often thanking God for in my heart but don't take the time often enough to express it in words so that they know. Other friends of mine are going through seasons of life that I cannot even begin to understand but still want them to know I care. Friend after friend comes to my mind that could use some encouragement. Then again, don't we all?

I used to be really good about dropping notes to my friends whenever they would come to mind. With kids entering the picture, I don't take the time as often as I would like to find cards and send them out. It was so nice to receive a pile of cards that I was able to take the time and tell friend after friend that I care. Thank you, (in)courage and DaySpring for encouraging and equipping me to encourage others!

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