Monday, September 27, 2010

Star Struck

This past weekend ended up being very full... but it was fun!

For the benefit of my cousin, oldest nieces and Twilight fans out there, I got to meet BooBoo Stewart (Seth Clearwater) on Saturday. It seems the older I get, unfortunately, the younger teenagers seem to look. It was still pretty cool to have been able to meet a movie star!

(I told you they look young! That, or I look as old as I felt.)

My cousin and I enjoyed a day at a Mom's Expo in Bloomington, Illinois. We were able to sit and talk with Sheri Braendel, author of Good Girls don't have to Dress Bad. I was able to hear her views on fashion, modesty and being an example to my daughters. She has actually made me believe this was something worth listening to. (I bought her book and am very excited to read it. The introduction has already grabbed a hold of my heart!)

We sat and listened to Jill Cataldo as she spoke about Super-couponing. I am very hopeful I can put some of her tips into practice. She saves over something like $5000 each year! After her workshop, I actually think there may be some hope.

The highlight of the day for myself was this moment.

I have been to Hearts at Home a handful of times. Jill Savage has come to speak at our Mom's group at church. This moment, where I was able to have a picture with her and speak to her one-on-one left me a little star struck. As I was discussing it with my husband, he just pointed out that it meant a lot to me because she has been instrumental in my life. It was fun to meet BooBoo Stewart but he has made no lasting impact on my life as a whole. Jill's transparency and authenticity along with her heart for God has stirred dreams to life within my heart.

It was a good day away and spending it with my cousin, Kelly, made it the best! I love that God has surrounded me with just a great gift of friendship right within my own family.

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  1. Sounds like a fun time, and I'm glad you posted a picture of you and Seth Clearwater :-)