Friday, October 29, 2010

Embarassing Moment of Grace

What is your most embarrassing moment? There usually are not too many scenarios running through my mind in answer to this question. It’s not that I don’t have embarrassing moments. I think I simply choose to wipe the moment from my memory as soon as possible.

There was the one time in grade school that I slipped on a french fry in the lunch room. A moment I am certain no one else remembers but one where I was embarrassed nonetheless. Then there was the time I was pregnant eating at a restaurant with my husband. While I had used the bathroom earlier in the visit, I decided to use the facilities one more time before we left. (After all, bathrooms are a woman’s best friend during a pregnancy.) While I thought things looked odd as I entered the bathroom, it took a good long moment of staring into the bathroom mirror before I noticed the urinals and thanked God there was no one in the men’s bathroom as I attempted to quickly and discreetly exit. That one certainly has engrained itself into my memory. Silly little mishaps you’d like to keep under your hat. Nothing comes close to the one I did this week.

I suppose it was bound to happen at some point. I’m always trying to juggle too much as I’m attempting to leave the house. Too ease the stress of getting out the door, I will get all the girls in the van, load up everything we need to go along with us for the ride and walk into the house one more time to make certain I haven’t forgot anything. I then walk out, open the garage door, get in the vehicle and leave with all three girls throwing questions (or whining) at me. Wednesday night was no different. The girls all loaded into the van. I questioned my older ones as to whether or not they had all their belongings that were needed for the evening. I made certain to have diapers, wipes and all the necessary equipment for my 2-year-old. As I made one last trip into the house before leaving, I shot up a prayer for God to help me remember everything I needed. Grabbing my shoes, I opened the garage door and hopped into the van. My 5-year-old was informing me how her belly was thirsty as I was backing out and CRUNCH!

I still close my eyes in disbelief. I probably should have clarified that prayer to God to help me remember EVERYTHING. While I certainly did open the garage door, I opened the door on my husband’s side - not mine. I backed up right into the garage door. Fabulous. Downright stupid. Who does that? (Actually, I’m finding more people than one would realize which is comforting to a point.)

I’m grateful in this moment that I did not yell at my middle child for asking questions while I was trying to drive or blame my oldest for dawdling up until that point. I didn’t lose it with my 2-year-old because of her whining and crying (which I’m not even 100% certain she was doing at that moment). Point is, God kept me from permanently memorializing this moment with fire from my tongue. That is a HUGE victory.

I’m grateful for my husband’s response and I am working to replay it over and over in my mind in attempts to better my reactions to him in mindless situations of much less magnitude on his part. (I’m also hoping it will just naturally play back before he can rightfully pull it out of his back pocket, too, of course. After all, that is where he told me he is putting this moment.) His response was, “I know you are stressed out.” He was willing to miss his geek meeting to come home (thankfully, he didn’t need to). He brought me comfort by informing me this was something insurance should cover. He didn’t respond in any way, shape or form, the way I would have should the tables have been turned.

My husband extended grace. He did not yell at me or remind me of how he was going to have to miss a meeting to help me with my stupidity. He offered complete and total grace. Unmerited. Undeserved. He gave me a little piece of God. That’s why I love this man. He allows God to flow through him. I have so much to learn from him and so much to learn from God. I have a long way to go to reflect this love and grace. Each day I’m learning. Each day I am forever grateful. And today, I am a little more humble as well.


  1. He's a gem; you'd better keep him!

    Remind me to tell you about some of the embarrassing things I did while young and frazzled and too busy.

  2. Rod is my hero!

    I've had a kid do the same thing. Accidents happen. What you gonna do? It's in those moments we get to show others that things matter less than they do. We also get to remember our dumb moments.

    I once got out of the car in the garage and had forgotten to put it in park. The car started rolling and I about threw up! I could clearly imagine our hew open-air laundry room! Fortunately. I jumped in just in time to stop the crash.

  3. I have done something similar- the garage door went up, but for some reason stopped before it was all the way open and I backed into it. My husband was also very kind about it. Isn't it a blessing to be married to such great men?

  4. I am constantly learning from you! I can totally relate to the temptation of wanting to blame someone else (kids!) to cover our own moments of idiocy. And I love the way you honor your husband. Good for Rod for extending grace - and good for you for accepting it!! :)