Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Jaycie Mariah!

5 years ago, my husband was traveling about 90% of the time for work. He would often leave on a Sunday afternoon or Monday morning only to return on a Friday night or Saturday morning. It was a rough season of life that we persevered through. During this season, our daughter, Jaycie Mariah, was born. We’ve been through the deaths of our dads since that time and trudged through a lot of darkness. Jaycie has filled our lives with much joy and gives us one more reason to wake up each morning and face this world.

Jaycie is our inquisitive one. She asks question after question after question. The questions don’t stop until she has an answer that satisfies her curiosity. I have decided that Jaycie’s lack of verbal communication with others is due to this analytical brain of hers. Her brain is simply too busy working in the thought department to cooperate with her tongue. We have seen progress over this past year, however. When she is greeted, we have established a bare minimum of a wave to acknowledge the greeting and she has risen to the occasion. Ditto on the farewell. We’re currently working on thank you.

Jaycie just needs a moment to process her thoughts. She takes a bit of time to warm up in situations and we often find ourselves needing to steal hugs and give her encouragement to warm up. We try to talk to her about how things are going to play out before she is put in the situation. We are learning that one-on-one time with Jaycie is priceless and we are working to fit that more into our schedules.

Jaycie loves princesses. We have watched Princess and the Frog more times this year than I can count. Tinkerbell and Peter Pan have been high on that list as well. She loves matching/memory games, puzzles and computer time. She enjoys playing with her big sister, making crafts and reading stories. Jaycie enjoys jumping, running and swinging. Jaycie can swing for hours. She is really quite skilled at pumping those legs. She enjoys having tea parties and playing house.

One can often find our daughter helping in the kitchen. If she is not helping me with the baking or cooking, she is watching to learn how everything works. She loves to help load and unload the dishwasher and enjoys being given any responsibilities that help her feel important.

Weekend trips are highly anticipated by our daughter and our recent trip to Starved Rock with Rod’s family took Jaycie from being somewhat of a mute at preschool to a “Chatty Cathy”. Jaycie likes to have sleepovers with her Grandma and her Grams. She has fun playing with all of her cousins and can actually get quite loud when she is excited. While Jaycie is uncertain in different situations, once she warms up and finds her comfort zone, she is quite the character.

Our 5-year-old little girl loves to scream an ear piercing squeal at the top of her lungs when she is having fun. It is quite unsettling when we are having a conversation but this is the other side of Jaycie. She is full of life. She enjoys being silly and informed me the other day that the reason she likes her boy cousins is because “boy cousins are so silly”. Since Jaycie was a little girl, her expressions were of a wide variety. There may be the makings of an actress in this little girl because she has worked those facial expressions to her advantage. Jaycie loves to tell jokes such as “Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it wanted to be red.” She loves to laugh and connects quickly with anyone that can assist her in this endeavor.

I truly look forward to getting to know Jaycie better and better each year. She is one of the greatest gifts given to me by God.

My Dearest Jaycie,

This year, in particular, I want you to know how very much your daddy loves you. It broke him to have to travel so much when you were little. This weekend he had to go in to the office on your birthday (one of the very things he wanted to avoid by taking this job). He skipped church in hopes that he wouldn’t have to miss your party. When his boss told him he had to put in more hours which would mean working through your party, your daddy persuaded his boss to allow him to get home to celebrate with you. He came home to be with you on your birthday. He was here to sing your birthday song and watch you blow out your candles. He was here to see you open presents. You were surrounded with blessing upon blessing of friends and family as we celebrated your birthday today but nothing was as special as your daddy’s presence. I know it broke him again today that he could not share your entire special day at home with you. You have a daddy that sacrifices himself daily for you, Jay. Day in and day out he goes to work to provide for you. After putting in many long hours each day, he comes home to have dinner with us and reads you a story and prays with you every night. A daddy like yours is a rare treasure. I pray you will find security in this love. Even more so, I pray you will know the security found in God’s love. Our love will never compare with the love God has for you. Our sacrifices are small in comparison to the sacrifice Christ made for you on the cross. Happy 5th Birthday, JayJay. You do our hearts good.



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