Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful Tidbits - 11-9

I turn into somewhat of a zombie after 9pm most nights. I'm just one of those early to bed; early to rise kind of people. With this fall back time change, however, that means it is difficult for me to stay up past 8pm. While daylight savings time seems like a great concept, it always messes with my household. Our bodies are used to eating and sleeping at certain times. My children still wake up at the same time they did before only it's an hour earlier. Not to mention that because we are attempting to get back into our usual routine, they are actually losing an hour of sleep because we aren't putting them to bed any earlier. The kids are a bit crabby and I can't say I'm peaches and cream over here myself.

This morning Rod made coffee before he left for work because he was up in the middle of the night rebooting a machine for work that had gone down. (I am very grateful for his laptop and remote connection by the way.) My husband made extra coffee and I have some sitting in the pot for myself. He certainly has his moments of being considerate. I just started drinking coffee in the last couple of years. It has to be flavored or be accompanied by flavored creamer. This morning, I am thankful for coffee and flavored creamer. I'm also thankful for a considerate husband.

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