Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thankful Tidbits: Family Pets 11-13

Pets truly become part of your family, don’t they? Just over 11 years ago, my brother’s dog had puppies. It took a lot of begging during a vacation out west for my husband to agree to get one. My husband chose the one light colored dog from the litter. I had no complaints. I was just thrilled to be getting a dog. We named our dog “Pup”. It may seem like a name we chose because we were too lazy to come up with a name but that is not the case. I don’t really recall the names I tossed out at the moment but I knew I didn’t want to be yelling “Cleopatra” when we were looking for our lost dog. “Pup” was the name we could agree on. And really, her name still appropriately fits her 11 years later.

From that same litter of puppies, my sister took home Pup’s sister, Cinnamon. Pup and Cinnamon played rough. We were never really quite certain if they were playing or going to cause some serious damage to one another. It was fun to have share puppies from the same litter of our brother’s dogs.

Cinnamon had some health issues when she was little. I remember the tears and concern expressed back then. Thankfully, she was able to get healthy and enjoy life. Yesterday, sadly, Cinnamon took her last breath. It happened quickly. My sister and niece both expressed how she seemed fine just a few days ago. My heart hurt as I saw her head turn to acknowledge me when I got to their house yesterday while she didn’t move from the spot she was resting on. This was very unlike her usual lively greetings and it was obvious she wasn’t feeling herself. My sister noticed Cinnamon’s labored breathing and was concerned about the choice they were going to have to make. Thankfully, that choice did not need to be made.

It tore my heart to see my nieces and nephews in pain yesterday over their loss. It is never easy when we have to say goodbye. Today, I am reminded to be a little kinder to our own dog. The reality of her age and lack of tomorrow’s guarantee are at the forefront of my mind.

To those that didn’t know Cinnamon (and Pup, too, for that matter), one may have thought twice before going near her. To those of us who did know her, she was sweet as pie. Cinnamon loved to greet you and be greeted. She was nothing but full of love for those in her family. I will always look for her nose sniffing under the fence to greet me when I go to my sister’s house. I will always think of her when I pet our own dog, her sister.

I am thankful for Cinnamon. I am thankful for the way she was part of my extended family. Family pets have a way of entering our hearts and always remaining there.

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