Monday, November 1, 2010

Thankful Tidbits: Freedom of Choice - November 1st

Election Day is tomorrow. Quite a few years ago, a friend of mine ran for an elected position. I learned a few things during that campaign. The mudslinging that goes on often comes from some slight shred of truth that is at times twisted beyond recognition. Although I know this, I’ve found myself confused with many of the political ads I find in my mailbox. One in particular is when it comes to Justice Tom Kilbride. One day, I’m certain I will not vote to retain him where the next I think I should. I realized that rather than just be frustrated with the confusion from all the information out there, I needed to do the research for myself. Here is one site from The Illinois Federation for Right to Life. I was very grateful for the information I look for on the priority issues I start with when determining who to vote for.

Another tidbit of information I got from that race was that party affiliation (although revealing a small bit about the candidate) really is not much more than a way to get financing for the campaign. If a candidate does not associate with one of the political parties out there, loss is almost inevitable. When it comes to the race for U.S. Senator, I find myself disgusted with both the Democratic and Republican candidates. How does one even choose? There are actually candidates from other parties out there. Check out this site from the Illinois Citizens for Life.

I want to be educated on the candidates and the issues. Culture Campaign has information for you about the candidates as well. You can go directly to a candidate’s website for information and you can go to your County Clerk’s website to find an example ballot if you are uncertain as to who your candidates even are.

Politics disgust most of us but tomorrow is more than a day for politics. It is a day to display our gratitude for our freedom in this country. Today is November 1st and I use my blog for a time of grateful reflection this month. I am thankful for free will. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to make my own choices. Election Day is a good reminder of this. I have the opportunity to express my opinion through voting. I for one, am going to have my say!

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