Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Tidbits: The lost - 11-10

The other day, I realized my daughter’s hat was missing. It is a cute pink hat that has a matching scarf (the kind that slides over your head and onto your neck so you won’t lose it) that her grandma gave her. It really bugged me that we didn’t have any idea what happened to the hat. This is the kind of thing that drives me crazy. Almost anything I lose will consume my thoughts until it is found.

I remember a time in high school when I lost my favorite necklace. It was a heart with a mustard seed in it reminding me that faith can move mountains. I cleaned every little spot in my room. (I’ve never been really good at keeping things clean so this took some time.) I prayed and prayed and prayed that God would help me find it. The necklace was a gift and something I treasured. Finally, I sat down exhausted of knowing where else to search. I had no idea where the necklace could be. I got off the bed to move a framed picture for the wall that was sitting on the floor waiting to be put up when I felt the necklace on its hanging hook on the back. This moment was one of many that taught me that God cares about the little details of my life.

As I look back on the moment now, sermons resonate in my mind about the lost coin, the lost sheep and the lost son. God cares about the lost. The way my heart and mind are consumed as I look for a lost item, God pursues the lost. I am thankful that God cares about the lost.

My daughter put on a sweatshirt the other day and exclaimed, “There’s something in my sleeve!” With a smile, she pulled out the missing hat. It’s so exciting when what is lost is now found!


  1. I read your blogs on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing, but I really liked this one. Nice job!