Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Tidbits: You 11-16

Most days, I write and don't really think about who it is that is reading my blog. It's not because I don't want to target my audience, it is simply too defeating to think that I don't have anyone following my blog. Reality is that I know there are a few and even at that I can count the number without taking my shoes off.

I came across Six Things Every Christian Blogger Needs to Know at (In)Courage. Here is the part that Ann Voskamp wrote that hit me:

"In the upside down blogging kingdom we commit to set our sights on God and not sitemeters. And in the upside down kingdom of blogging the only number that matters is One:

The One who has called you
The One who is your audience
The One who gives you your gifts
And the One to whom you give the gifts back to…
All that matters is the Lord God who is One.

I say this too quietly to the blogosphere:

Jesus Himself had only 12 followers.
And He lost one.
So if Jesus had only 12 followers… how many followers do we really need? If God Himself had only 12 followers and He lost one — would you blog for even one follower?"

I easily feel defeated that I'm not good enough. "I can't write like so and so." "Wow! How does someone paint a picture with their words that way?" "Will I ever achieve any dreams?" "Maybe I need to go to school."

Here is what it boils down to: I write because it draws me closer to God. I write because when I am done, I feel a bit tighter in my relationship with Him. If no one else was reading my blog, I would still write. What a great reminder! I write for Him!

Ahhh... but then there are you; the faithful few blog followers. Today, I am thankful for you; the faithful who read my blog and those who stop in every now and then to read a post. I write because writing helps my heart. I write because I believe it pleases my Father God. But I also write because I KNOW of you few who read. Thanks for encouraging me.


  1. Another inspiring and thoughtful post. It has been discussed in my family,how we wish we were able to put our thoughts into written word as you can. So thank you, for sharing.

  2. I look forward to reading your posts and check your blog daily from work. I am especially enjoying your thankful posts.

  3. Love it! Give your all for The Audience of One!