Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be Encouraged

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to view the newest of the Narnia movies, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. While there was much to enjoy about the movie, one part of the storyline, in particular, stood out to me. Lucy desires to be beautiful. As most females in the human race, Lucy does not see herself for who she is but longs to be someone else. I can totally relate to this feeling. I am always wishing and hoping for something. I cannot tell you the amount of times I look at someone else’s life and feel like less than my best because I find myself desiring part of their life. Whether it is something about their appearance I wish I could change about my own or I dream about having the talents God has given them or even find myself coveting one of the characteristics they portray, I find myself not so content with who I am.

When it comes to our self-worth, I think all women could use a bit of encouragement. The truth is that we all have our secret pains and feelings of loneliness and unacceptance. We all have those moments where we feel lost and alone in this great big world and our hearts cry out for just one friend who can make us feel important and desired and needed.

We all know Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. Christmas is our constant reminder that we always have at least one person who is on our side. It’s a good reminder that Christ came into the world for me. Christ came into the world for you. The whole reason for Christmas was God’s love for us.

But do you really have any idea just how often God thinks about you? And not just thinks about you but loves you and cares for you, knows you and desires you? I found over 60 verses that shout our value in God. This Christmas, my desire is that you will know your worth to God. Every time you hear the Christmas story of how God came to earth as a baby, remember that He did that for you.

Another phrase from the Narnia movie was "extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people". You are extraordinary to God.

by Tristi N. Carlson 12/11/2010

God knew all about you
before you were even born
It was in His very image
that you were molded and formed

Wonderfully complex you were knit
and woven together with His care
And on your very head he knows
the number of each and every little hair

He loved you first; He wants you;
you are chosen precious in His sight
You are His masterpiece; His heir;
His dear child in whom He delights

He knows the secrets of your heart
Has good plans for you and sets you apart

He knows your every thought
and you bring Him great pleasure still
God bought you with a price at Calvary;
He sees you as valuable

United with Christ we’ve been made righteous;
God places His hand of blessing on your head
We’ve been set free; made right with God;
when for our benefit Christ was raised from the dead

You are now a new creation;
no longer slave but friend
God’s love for you is amazing;
inseparable and without end

In Christ, you’ve been made pure and holy;
blameless and complete
He’s given you a spirit of power and love
to help you live without defeat

You were adopted into His family
and He made your heart His home
You are a citizen of His kingdom
and He’ll never leave you alone

As a bridegroom rejoices over His bride
your God rejoices over you
You are God’s holy temple; His residence;
He is with you in all that you do

God understands you fully;
He offers unfailing love and faithfulness
He hears your every little sigh
and wants to give you comfort, peace and rest

When life gets overwhelming,
remember Christ pleads for us at God’s right hand
Be encouraged in knowing God’s thoughts about you
outnumber all the grains of sand

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