Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Dad and Christmas

I really have a difficult time separating my dad and Christmas. He loved Christmastime. It was truly the time of year he designated for family and he made the most of it. While many will not understand most of these memories, this poem that my mom wrote brought me to tears.

Memories of Father

In our home it seemed "father" made Christmas!
He purchased our huge Christmas tree.
Our decorations went up once his turkey went down!
Holiday videos would take two months to see!

Gifts were given for his Christmas Village.
Three Brittanys were gifts on his part.
He was Santa with candy for grandkids
Cedar Point and "The Farm" showed his heart.

Shiny garland he changed to look natural.
Chi-Chis and Shakeys made eating-out great!
But putting cash into new Christmas wallets?
Now... that was more than "Santa" could take!

He made our wooden stable so the grandkids
Could use the manger to do the Christmas play.
And "Come On Ring Those Bells" was the music
We'd hear first thing on Christmas Day.

Our dad knew the "True Father" of Christmas.
He trusted God's One and Only Son
As Forgiver, Comforter, Listener, Friend
Then his walk through this valley was done.

It's God our Father who truly made Christmas.
He made heaven and earth and each One.
God sent forgiveness and love in a manger
And one day... again, He will come!

"Wherefore, Comfort one another with these words..."

We enjoy reminiscing about how "Santa" gave us wallets one Christmas and mom came around telling each of us that we would find cash in the wallets and we were not able to keep the cash. Dad was about to have a heart attack about the amount of money spent by "Santa" that Christmas and he didn’t even know about the cash that was put in the wallets.

While I struggle with separating dad from Christmas, I truly treasure how special he made the holiday. After 3 years, I still miss my dad so much that my heart twists. And yet, I know there is so much more to live for. Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas!

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