Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who should I be?

I disagree that I need to look like the skinny, airbrushed models in the magazines. I do not believe that striving for achievement, fame and fortune is the path to success. Education does NOT matter more than character in my book. I hate hearing how I am supposedly intolerant, unloving and closed-minded. I'm tired of being yelled at that I need to not only accept sin but embrace it.

Aiming to be healthy is important. What is in my heart should be what makes me beautiful on the outside. I am to become a servant because afterall, that is the example Jesus set for us. Learning is important but without the wisdom to apply it, those smarts are fleeting. Character means more than the amount of facts I can hold in my brain. God tells me that I am to love through His example as He is the definition of love. True love wants one's best and doesn't require altering the owner's manual. I am to be open-minded and tolerant by God's standards (not by my own and not by some predetermined set of standards from Oprah, The View or Hollywood).

It can be exhausting at times to use God's filter for my thoughts. Still, I know I need to turn off the television and be careful of what I read and listen to. What enters my mind will shape and mold the life I live. Do my thoughts and beliefs really line up with God's? Or have I simply given in to the media and decided that God's best for me doesn't really make a whole lot of sense?

I cannot determine what is best for my life by my own standards. I have a Creator and He knows best how His design operates. Just because someone shouts louder, it does not make them right. God allows me the freedom to embrace His truths or not. This is love. I can choose to take the easier path and go with what my own predetermined standards of right and wrong or I can choose the narrow road that God sets before me because it will take me to the perfect destination.

We are doing a study at church of John Ortberg's book, The Me I Want to Be. In it, he reminds us that "There is a God. It is not you." That is likely the biggest struggle. I want to be God's best version of me. That's the me I want to be.


  1. Great post. Nice design too. I usually look at posts through a reader, so you may have had it this way for a while. I like it!

  2. Thanks. I changed it for the new year. Decided to quit being the "girl whose dad died". While that still impacts who I am today, I need to focus on my identity in God. I also thought the snowy background was nice for January. It's new. Thanks for noticing. I do my blog reading in reader too thanks for the tip from you ages ago. It makes it so much easier to keep track of the blogs I want to.