Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Back Up Again

When my girls were learning how to walk, we encouraged them to get back up every time they fell. When they try new things and we watch them get discouraged, we try to explain to them the importance of giving it another try. We want what is best for our children and sometimes that means allowing them to fall down and encouraging them to get back up.

Last year as my oldest was learning how to ride her bike. I was tempted to allow her to quit trying because it was what I wanted to do as well. Bettering our lives takes a lot of work. I knew it was in her best interest to keep trying. When she finally started to catch on, she wiped out on her bike. I knew the importance of getting her back up on that bike right away. It's always worth getting back up again.

I was on my treadmill yesterday after dinner because I made a commitment for a race in April. Without this commitment, I would have blown off my treadmill once again. I did not want to run last night but when "Get Back Up" by tobyMac came on my iPod, I became energized with the reminder that it is all about getting back up again. I'm going to stumble and be tempted to stay down. With each step I take, there is a great chance that I will likely fall down again. I need to remember that I'm not failing until I decide it is no longer worth it to get back up again.

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