Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good Intentions, Goals and Dreams

We all have good intentions, goals and dreams. The good intentions seem never ending. Goals help those good intentions evolve into deadlines to accomplish something specific. The dreams are more than good intentions. Dreams are hope that one day we will set a goal but hesitate because they seem a bit unattainable at times.

I have good intentions every day to eat healthy, exercise more, and lose weight. These intentions are rather vague and I really don’t have a good standard to measure them against other than that terrible scale. This year, however, I set a goal to run a 10K on April 16th. I printed out a training schedule to help me achieve that goal and am happy to say that I am on track with that goal. My dreams are another story. Sometimes I don’t even fully define them. I just know they are out there almost unreachable.

I’m usually reminded of my dreams when I attend the Hearts at Home conference each year. Women speaking, writing or even turning their passions into tangible product to sell to others, leave me believing I can do the same. I feel a little spark while I’m away and the ideas spin in my mind of goals to help reach those dreams… until I get home. Then the dream fizzles a bit although it’s always out there hovering overhead almost taunting me.

Some blogs I have been following lately are promoting the She Speaks conference. It sounds like a conference I would like to attend some day. It’s one of those sparks that makes me admit I have a dream I’d like to reach one day. Yet reality seems all too real and I don’t even take a step toward the fuzzy hopes of what I’d one day like to achieve. Renee Swope, with Proverbs 31 Ministries is offering a Cecil Murphy Scholarship for women who want to lead.

My dream has yet to be defined. There are bits of leading, writing, and speaking drifting out in my thoughts. Someday I will pinpoint my dream and make it a goal. For now, it’s still a dream.


  1. Tristi!!! I truly BELIEVE that you should GO FOR IT!! Enter a post to win the Scholarship!! I personally think that you would have a LOT to offer! I would love to nominate you, but I am not very good with writing/words and wouldn't want to interfere with your chances! However, if you are not going to at least give this a shot, then I guess I will have to try to be eloquent and nominate YOU! I love you and I TRULY benefit from what you have to say in regards to your relationship with God!! Love YOU! Just go FOR IT! Stacy

  2. Thanks, Stacy. That's exactly what this is - an attempt to win the scholarship. I just needed to link up a blog post to her website. We'll see. I'm also trying a couple of others ways as well. And if not this year, maybe next. :)

  3. My heart is beating right along with yours when it comes to dreams Tristi! I think you have a GIFT for writing & touching others with your words. I believe God breathes His Word through you. Being the ever transparent person you are, you embrace the circumstances He allows into your life as a way to teach, encourage & model His love for us. I am proud of you my friend!