Monday, May 9, 2011

A Gift from the Heart

1# Mom
Written and Illustrated by Nikelle Carlson

My mom is special. She helps me grow. She is special to me. I am her gift from God. She is my model, one of my paths, and my key to life.

I [heart] mom

My mom is in MOPS (Mothers for Preschoolers). She helps us learn about the Lord. She is a Christian, which means she chose to be Jesus’ best friend for life. She reads us books, feeds us, sometimes she is funny, and helps us with our chores.

My mom helps me when I am sick. When I had the stomach flu my mom stayed with me the whole time and helped me feel better. She also helps me in school. When I’m having trouble with my homework, she comes and helps me.

I [heart] Mom (Mother unOrdinary Mosthelpful)

CHAPTER 2 – Jaycie thinks

Mom prays for me when I am scared. Then it helps me feel better. I also get better dreams.

I [heart] mom 2

CHAPTER 3 – The end

Dear Mom,

We hoped you like this book and love us. Give us big hugs when you finish reading this book.


Nikelle, Jaycie and Ande

We [heart] you

MOM IS THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD (one word each on its own page)


  1. Too precious - I love it!!!

  2. This is AMAZING...and wonderful! You obviously spend your daily MOMents wisely!
    Big Hug! Tracey