Friday, July 29, 2011


I decided to do something new this morning. I've linked up with The Gypsy Mama for a Five Minute Friday. Today they're writing on the word "still" for 5 unedited minutes. (I have to be honest... I took out some punctuation... it's not easy to deny myself criticism!)


I still want to sleep more

I still want to clean out the closets upstairs

I still need to do the dishes

I still have laundry waiting for me

I still need to shower

I still have a lot of things on my to do list for the day

Good thing it’s just beginning

I’ve chosen well

I’ve taken time to be still before my God

My husband is still sleeping

My children are still on vacation at my mom’s

I have the opportunity to just be still

It’s a place I need to be more often

Still in thought

Still in quiet

Still in peace

Still in His presence

The source of all my desires

The giver of my every need

“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm)

It’s the verse that brings my life into focus

Taking time to listen

It’s hard

It always feels like there is something to rush off to

Somewhere to be

Something on my checklist to complete

“Still” is hard to accomplish

This week my husband and I have been on a “staycation”. Money kept us from shelling out for a hotel and going away. Since we live in the great Chicagoland area, however, there is plenty to do. We both said it yesterday, it’s hard to relax. We feel like we need to be ready to rush to the next activity, get back for the kids or whatever other activity is on our calendar.

This time has been a gift and I need it more often. Moments of stillness draw us closer to God and closer to each other. In this busy world, I just need a little more time to be still.

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  1. I totally get this. :) Every year, we send our 2 daughters to my parents for a month. . .yep. A month. (12 hours away)

    And it takes us a good week to just unwind in our heads from the craziness of life.

    But we look forward every year to the respite. Thankful that God has given us an opportunity to just hang out, reconnect and be still.

    Great post!