Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Remembering her example

Today, people are remembering Sara Frankl aka Gitzen Girl. While I’ve never met her, I am thinking about her life, too. I am one of the many follower’s of Sara’s blog. What intrigued me was the way a woman who was homebound with AS was able to experience so much joy.

How did she do it? Honestly, she was dying... yet all the way until the end... she chose joy. Her friend put it here in a tangible way for me. "By continually taking joy in the lives of others, she taught me to feel bliss when something good happens to someone else… as much bliss as if it were happening to me."

I’m working on putting this into practice. When I feel a twinge of jealousy inside my heart instead of joy, I will choose to remember Sara's example. I will flip my feeling and choose joy instead. All I need to do is be honestly excited for my friend and it will give me joy.

The way Sara chose joy amidst her suffering was an anomaly. I whine and complain about the slightest little ache, pain, sniffle or cough. Her blog was full of joy… not negativity. Her love for God was magnetic. I only hope I can leave the kind of legacy behind that she did.

In honor of her memory today, how can you choose joy?

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