Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday Letter #6 to Jaycie October 2011

Dear Jaycie,

It has been so encouraging to watch you grow this last year of your life. To hear you excited to spend time with your friends at school makes me smile. While I love the moments you want to snuggle, I know God created you for more than just a relationship with me. I want others to know our fun, loving Jaycie the way we do. You’ve come such a long way from being attached to your Mama, Little Lama.

You thrive on making others laugh. I enjoy listening to your funny stories and witnessing your silly antics. You have a special way of brightening our lives.

The questions you come up with seem never ending. You are one smart cookie who desires answers to her inquiries. I pray your questions will drive you closer to God, that you will accept the fact that certain answers will not come this side of Heaven and remember we are saved by grace through faith. Sometimes, you will just have to embrace the answers God has given us and have faith for the rest.

I am so thankful that memorizing comes so easy for you. While we are working to get you to actually sound out words so you can learn to read rather than just memorize the stories, it does our hearts good to know memorizing Bible verses for AWANA is not a problem. It is so very important to know the Bible. The Bible is God’s Word to us and it allows us to know His voice.

One of my fondest memories of your sixth year of life is family prayer time. When it is your turn to pray, your eyes are open as you scan the room. You begin to pray and then continue on with one thing you see, moving on to the next thing your eyes catch and so on. You even thank God for yourself in your prayers. And that you should, because you are His masterpiece. Sometimes I wonder if your prayer will ever end and then I remember that my desire is for you to stay in constant communication with our Lord and Savior.

Dance was a highlight of your summer. While I screwed up and only taped the one dance instead of two, it was so fun to watch you in a comfortable element. As you practice tap or show me how you can balance on the tips of your toes, I find myself wishing we could dedicate more time and money to dance for you.

We love to watch the moments you and your sisters get along. I know it can be difficult for you sometimes with Andelise being so little still, but you are doing a good job of being her big sister. Probably because you have such a good example that you look up to.

I enjoy watching you play because it reveals so much about you. You seem to be an expert at puzzles and Legos. Daddy is so excited that you want to make creations out of Legos with him. When I see you swinging, there appears not to be a worry in the world. You get so excited to see Treasure and Loyal when Grams comes over. Although you don't want her grown puppies to jump all over you, you welcome being close to them when they calm down. Sitting down next to them, you pet their heads and talk sweetly to them (the same way you do when you give our Pup a kiss on the cheek and tell her you love her). This, as well as the moments I catch you playing with your baby dolls or Barbies, are especially endearing to witness.

I’m sorry that I cause your smiling face to crumble with my lofty expectations. I am working to learn what is truly important and to let go of the rest. My prayer is that you and your sisters will know how very much I love each one of you. I realize my faults and sins may cause you to question my love at times. I am imperfect and therefore, my love is far from perfection as well. If I can raise you and point your eyes and direct your heart to the only one who can love you perfectly, then, my dear daughter, I have mothered well.

I desire so much for you, Jaycie. For today, I want you to have friends that will bring out the best in you. Every day, I hope your family relationships will grow strong and be quality for a lifetime. It is my hope that the community we surround you with of friends and church family as well as our God-given family will allow you an earthly glimpse of God’s love for you. My hope for your future is that you will have a man love you the way your daddy loves me because God intended the marriage relationship to mirror our relationship with Him. Ultimately, Jaycie Mariah, my prayer is that you will live your life in grateful response to the love God demonstrated through Jesus’ death on the cross for you. For there is no greater love and this is what life is all about.

Please know how very much I love you and please forgive me for the times I mess up. I’m thankful God gave us you. My life is richer because you are in it and I am better because of my relationship with you. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you this next year.



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