Thursday, July 19, 2012

HAH Blog Hop - Beating Summer Boredom

How do you beat summer boredom with your kids? Share tips and tricks for keeping everyone engaged...

When a friend recently pointed out my busy lifestyle of being out and about, it surprised me a bit. Even though I like to be home, we are gone a lot. This may be why I can count on my hand the amount of times I have heard “I’m bored” exit my children’s mouths this summer as well. If anything, we have packed our days full. A day at home usually comes with a welcome sigh of relief.

Because my girls are limited in what I allow them to participate in during the school year, summer activities are a little more abundant. Between swimming lessons, dance classes, play dates and weekend getaways, boredom has been kept at bay. For those ungrateful moments when the words, “I’m bored”, do whine through the air, I simply look around the room and inform them of a chore they can do. Naturally, this is far from a welcomed suggestion because they want to do something fun; not work. I simply stick to my guns that they can find something to play on their own or they can pick the chore I have brought to their attention.

We encourage imaginative play between our children and we are fine with a good movie or interactive play on the Wii. The swingset in our backyard as well as the fact that we live on a cul-de-sac allows quite a bit of outside play as well. At the same time, we have many circles between family, friends and church that play dates and activities come in abundance. Between worship, serving, and just enjoying time with others, boredom does not have a place in our lives. With all of the many areas we need some improvement in our home, I’m thankful this is not something I need to think much about!

If you are in need of some ideas to overcome summer boredom for your children, however, head over to Jill's blog and hop around the blogs for some ideas!



  1. It's amazing how quickly kids an change their tune of boredom when we offer a list of chores, isn't it? Your house sounds like a fun place to be in the summer. Blessings from a mom in Iowa!

  2. Stopping by from HAH blog hop. :) I often get to overscheduled in summer...and we are glad to drop it all! bless you for being so open! :) michy
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