Thursday, August 16, 2012

August Blog Hop - Connecting as a Family

I can't believe it is already the third Thursday in August. Where has the time gone? This month's Hearts at Home Blog Hop is:
Let's talk about connecting with our families. With schedules picking up, how do you make time to stay close? How do you make connecting a priority?

Family dinners are the main way my oldest feels we connect. She likes the conversations we have, all seated around the table. This is where we catch up on our children’s thoughts, listen to stories their daddy wants to share with them and take a few moments to remember that we enjoy spending time together. In order to protect this family meal time, we have to limit activities during the school year.

I choose to have all three girls in the AWANA Clubs from September – April. AWANA played such an instrumental role in helping me hide God’s Word in my heart and I want that for them as well. Once a week, throughout the entire school year, we have this on the calendar. The kids enjoy it and I am able to help out during club. Daddy doesn’t get home from work until we need to be out the door. Therefore, we miss family dinners at least once a week.

Add small groups and randomly scheduled school, church and family obligations and it’s difficult to have any meals together at all. This is why we limit our activities during the school year. As the kids get older, I realize this will get more and more difficult. However, I oppose the thought that my girls cannot fulfill their dreams in life without being exposed to every activity at a very early age.

We also try to respect bedtime with the routine of family story time and prayer time. It takes intentionality to make this happen. As I look at our calendar for the Fall, I could easily schedule every night with something for someone. Instead, my husband and I have made the choice to scale down school year commitments and embrace what we believe to be essential for our family. Yes, this means the girls won’t be swimming and dancing until the summer. That’s why our summer was packed full of activity. Believe it or not, they understand. It seems that when it comes down to it, these are activities I want them involved in more than they desire for themselves. They welcome the down time to play and relax and enjoy their family.

What do you do to make connecting with your family a priority?

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  1. Thanks for hopping with us~ I love that so many of our bloggers are making time for family dinners... you always hear how important that is, and I definitely agree!!

  2. Thanks for joining in! Maybe my daughter will do AWANA this year. She went once last year, but gets overwhelmed easily. We'll see in a few weeks!