Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is living

The commitments on the calendar are almost more than it can hold. Preparations for events loom overhead threatening to steal me from the moments of today. Decisions beckon our attention while uncertainty keeps us from executing any leaps of faith. While I attempt to seize today, I cannot deny tomorrow. Balance is a constant struggle.

The housework piles up and screams for my care despite the fact that this exact scenario played itself out yesterday without neglect. Focusing on the laundry takes me up and down the stairs multiple times past our large dry erase board where our family’s events or color coded for the week at hand. I stop to read the list of tasks, making certain I haven’t missed anything important. Over my loud sigh, I barely hear the whisper. This is living.

I’ve been on a journey of breaking free from my comfort cocoon. I’ve been working to say “yes” a little more often to God. In turn, this means saying “no” to my own selfish desires.

“No” to chocolate…

“No” to just a little more sleep…

“No” to spending past our means…

“No” to my own way…

It’s difficult to detect the whispers amongst the shouts of this world. There’s hard work involved in quieting the voices I hear from media, well-intentioned friends and family, my own thoughts or even a good read. I have to be constantly immersing myself in the Bible to know which direction to go.

I hear the whisper again. Life: It’s what you’re here for. Truly living will require commitments on the calendar. A comfortable life at home on the couch is your desire, not mine. I must deny myself to find the joyful life God has called me to. It may not always be comfortable now… but I’m not living for today. Eternity is my goal. Keeping my eyes on the future allows me to find the balance. The unnecessary weights of the world fall off and I can shift over to what God has called me to do.

Continual attention is essential for maintaining balance in this life. I cannot always have control over what comes my way. Alterations will be required. I just need to keep anchored to the Center of it all. He promises a better life then I could ever dream of.
"I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of." - John 10:10b (MSG)

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