Monday, December 17, 2012

Ho-Ho Snowballs

Every year, I like to try new recipes to attempt to find cookies that HAVE to be included at Christmas. My oldest, in particular, is difficult to please. Today's attempt including coconut and white chocolate was with her in mind.

Click here for the recipe for Ho-Ho Snowballs. My two little ones like them a lot. She like the first couple of bites but didn't care for it in the end. I have to wait for my husband to get home to share his opinion as to whether or not they are worth the effort. (I am currently on a fast from desserts but am really tempted to try it since it is one that I've never tried before.)

So far, of the cookies that I have posted about this year, these are the ones that continue to stand the test of time:

sour cream cut-out cookies

red raspberry twirls

nutter butter santa cookies

oreo bon bons

corn flake christmas wreaths

crispy chocolate craisin jumbles

chocolate chip kiss cookies

santa snickers brand surprise cookies

rice krispies peanut butter balls

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