Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Christmas Again (for my Grandma)

Today is my Grandma's 82nd birthday (my dad's mom). I was recently told that she has congestive heart failure. To process my emotions and thoughts, I wrote about memories of Christmas with my Grandma. I found myself wanting to thank her for the way she impacted my life as a child. While I didn't see her read it, I included it in her card today and hope maybe it will warm her heart with memories as well.

It really isn't a poem but writing this allowed me to work through some of what I was feeling. The girls and I were able to deliver a variety of Christmas cookies to her today which was fun. We had a good visit but life is so different from what it was as a child. At times, I find myself longing for Christmas past.

It's Christmas Again

Grandma, I want to thank you for the many gifts you've given me
Thank you for your commitment to Grandpa
Your relationship gave your granddaughter a sense of security
You and Grandpa, beside the fireplace, in your chairs
It's Christmas again.

Thank you for all you did to raise your children
God used your oldest son to give me life and life reborn
Aunts, uncles and cousins gathered around the tree
It's Christmas again.

Thank you for all the hours you spent cooking and cleaning
The table set; glasses filled with juice; family seated for the meal
It's Christmas again.

Thank you for the open welcome to wander through the store
For me, it was a place associated with love
Where I could complete Christmas shopping and visit Santa Claus
It's Christmas again.

Thank you for sitting through our yearly Christmas production
Your encouragement was a gift used to build confidence in me
Your home; the landing of the stairs - our stage
It's Christmas again.

Thank you for family memories
This season and may dad are connected; he was our gift
And he taught me to hope in the greatest gift
It's Christmas again.

God sent His only Son, Immanuel - "God with us"
To know He is with us - this is our hope
It's Christmas again.

When I find myself longing for Christmas past
I turn my hope to Christmas yet to come
The hope then for a Savior
The hope now for His return.
The great reunion
Grandpa; dad; you; me
All of us together; God with us
That's Christmas again!

- Tristi Nikelle Tuttle Carlson 2012

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