Monday, April 15, 2013

Building Community

I really believe that one of the worst seasons in life to be in is one where you are looking for a church home. It would be nice if we could walk into the doors of a church and feel welcomed right away but who really does? We don’t know where to go or what to do and all we want is a friend. It’s all a bit awkward. I mean who wants to feel as if they don’t belong?

About 15 years ago, my husband and I hesitantly set out in search of a new community. Like a wounded animal from the most painful experience in my life to that date, I guarded my heart from any further injury. While I dug my heels in, the man God gave me was adamant that finding a new church was important for us. I am so grateful he pushed us forward.

For quite some time, I wouldn’t allow anyone to get past the walls I built up in my life. This way, I wouldn’t have to experience the deep pain inflicted on me by others. At the same time, I would never be able to taste the essence of community the way God intended it to be. Over time, I began to realize it was time to let God soften my heart of stone. As long as I remained cold to those God placed in my life, I was the one responsible for my pain.

Slowly, I began to accept invitations. I’ve learned I can trust again. And in those moments where trust is broken, I get back up again. The search for a new community was not fun but it was the best thing we ever did! If you are searching, don't give up. A church operating the way God intended it to be is well worth the effort!

This year, I’m taking another step toward building my community. I’m hosting an (in)RL meetup in my home. If you are looking for community, you're welcome to join mine! Here is the link for more information on the conference as well as registration: (It's free!) You can find the information on our meetup here:

You won't want to miss it!






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