Friday, August 30, 2013

Worship (Five Minute Friday)

Five Minute FridayToday I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo (from (in)courage) for a Five Minute Friday. The writing prompt for today is the word "worship". Why don't you take five minutes to write on the word, "worship", too? I'm doing it to exercise my brain and my writing and hopefully get this blog started up again. Here goes...

I don’t know about you but the word worship takes my mind immediately into a church building… pews in a row… crowds singing… and therefore, “worshiping” God. Lately, however, the word worship has changed in my world.

When I heard Amy Grant’s song, Hallelujah, it rang true in my heart in so many ways. She just put it into words so clearly. God doesn’t want our pretty. He wants the raw part of us. Worship is giving ourselves completely to God because we understand He is God.

We acknowledge Him for who He is; tell Him about how wonderful He is. It’s praise; gratitude; tears; joy. All of it pleases God when we acknowledge Him as Lord. That is worship: understanding who we are and who He is; aligning ourselves in the right place with the Creator of the Universe.

“God loves a lullaby
 in a mother’s tears in the dead of night
better than a hallelujah sometimes…”

I just want to be honest with God. That’s when He is able to take my heart and transform me. It’s my desire: Him giving me the desires of my heart because my heart is aligned with His.

I know who He is: Everything comes from Him. I know who I am: A sinner saved by grace; His grace… And nothing would be without Him… every blessing… every gift… everything. It’s all from Him. Yes, He even allows the pain. But He’ll work it for good… His good. It’s His world and He knows best what He intended for it to be.