Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Slowing Down to Find Rest: The Changing Seasons

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October gives me freedom to embrace a wardrobe of hoodies and jeans allowing comfort in my world once again. The brisk air fills my lungs and my whole being is energized. I can’t help but breathe thanks to God that the draining heat of summer is over. There is a hope of change that comes with the changing seasons.

The crunch of leaves under foot has my oldest declaring the excitement we share. “Do you hear that sound, mom? Fall is here!” My girls beg for the bin of decorations and costumes to come out. They discuss jumping into piles of leaves and other rare memories I’m surprised they can recollect. Colors fall from the trees, decorating the ground and my soul longs to welcome it all in.

Instead of jumping in to the season as if a pile of leaves, I resist flipping the calendar like a child fighting sleep. I need it. Deep down inside, I have to admit that I want it. Yet I cannot embrace it. Just like the young ones kick and scream to continue their play, I fight to finish tasks left undone.

As the changing colors on the trees seem to proclaim a God-ordained need for them to rest, I find myself wanting to join them. I want to be in this moment. As Author Jeff Goins challenges, I need to slow down.

Why can’t life just slow down? It’s my complaint with life every year. Things just keep moving faster and faster. Wisdom from years ahead told me not to blink. I must have done just that. How did my kids grow up so fast? Why can’t I keep up?

Still, it’s not enough to just slow down… I’m fighting to follow through on Goins' Day 2 Challenge to savor today; the right now. I need to be intentional in not just slowing down but also savoring the here and now.

Agendas will never end. From what I hear, summers will continue to drain me. Not just from the heat but because life get busier as my children get older. The beginning of the school year will always feel like a whirlwind. Seasons will continue to change. My challenge is to embrace the hope that is offered.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest." - Matthew 11:28 NLT
Southfield Church is beginning a new sermon series this October and November entitled “Rest: learning to embrace one of God’s greatest gifts!” It entices me in a new way in particular as retailers push the holiday season earlier and earlier. Come join us!

I’m working through "The Slow Down Challenge" by Jeff Goins. (Check out his book The In-Between.)

As we welcome in the Fall, would you join the trees shedding their leaves to embrace a season of rest? I’d love to hear how you intentionally slow down and savor the moments.



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