Friday, October 4, 2013

Slowing Down to Rest: Five Minute Friday (Write)

Five Minute FridayToday I'm linking up with Lisa-Jo (from (in)courage) for a Five Minute Friday. The writing prompt for today is the word "write".

I’m working on slowing down. My goal is to achieve some rest for my weary soul. One way I am doing this is by setting aside time to write. At times, it is with pen and paper. At other moments I just allow my fingers to fly across the keyboard pouring out every thought in my mind. There is something freeing about taking this spaghetti dish of thoughts in my mind and sorting them out with written words.

Did you know some schools are choosing to no longer teach cursive writing? My heart drops at the thought. One of the greatest gifts I know of is the speed of writing thanks to that technique. Many of my prayers to God are in cursive. Note upon note of encouragement and gratitude flow in that way.

While I embrace the keyboard and all that computers offer us, we need to quit rushing. Taking time to write and express ourselves is one way to slow down. I’m thankful my children are still learning this art. I’m not looking for us to pull away from the world into seclusion. It’s just that forward progress doesn’t mean we need to get rid of everything in the past that worked.

You will often find me with a journal and pen on hand. Rarely do I go anywhere without it. My girls are following this trend. Sometimes it’s just because they love to draw but by soul does flips when I find their written words… especially when they are expressions from their deepest parts to God’s ears.

The written word is a gift.
How do you take time to slow down and find time to write?


  1. Tristi, this is wonderful! How right you are. We should remember to use tried and true methods in addition to the new technology we have available. And the fact that you are slowing down to write, instead of cramming writing into whatever space you find, is awesome! Have a wonderful day!

  2. "The written Word is a Gift" - love this and that your daughters are following your example, which they will teach to their future little ones. You are so right about keeping some of the techniques of the past for our future. Praying you are able to continue "slowing down",remember it is the tortoise which won the race!