Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'll See You Again One Day, Grandpa... God Willing

Grandpa's 90th Birthday Celebration 2/14

He would come to visit with a bag of black licorice in his hands. It was the delicious, old-fashioned kind that he hasn't been able to find in a store for quite some time. Little treats were common to expect from him. Even a stick of gum tucked inside a letter addressed to me comes to mind as I reminisce. (Grandma has told me that he tried to trick me by disguising money as a stick of gum.) Either way, it was the simple actions of my Grandpa that spoke love to me.

I remember Grandpa showing up in the early morning hours to take my brother, Trent, fishing. Every now and then, he would allow me to tag along. I wasn't a nuisance to him. It was easy to cherish Grandpa because he always cherished me.

The smell of Ivory soap will forever trigger memories of my Grandpa. Funny how the senses can tug on one's heart string that way. Very recently, we identified the smell of Lysol as an aroma that transports my thoughts back to Grandpa and Grandma's house: a place that was simple and plain but filled with love and acceptance for us.

The hymn, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, will always connect me to him. I treasured the times the song played introducing the clay animation show of Davey and Goliath. He didn't necessarily remember, but if I catch a glimpse of that show while flipping through the channels, it will forever cause me to pause and picture myself as a little girl watching television with my Grandpa.

I cherish the fact that Grandpa spent quality time with me. The smile that he could not contain on his face when he was ready to go out concealed in the final round of the card game, Books and Runs, will forever be etched in my mind.

Grandpa always said that he planned to live until 120... God willing. This phrase will always mark my Grandpa's life in my mind. Apparently, God wasn't willing that Grandpa should live more than 90 years. But during those 90 years, God was willing to give Grandpa the abundant life he promised. And God willing, which I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is, we will see each other again. Because 1 Peter 3:9 tells us that God is not willing that any should perish (meaning He doesn't want anyone to spend eternity in hell) but that all should come to repentance (to spend eternity in Heaven with Him forever).

We'll all be together again one day, God willing.

Family Picture at "The Farm"

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