Monday, April 28, 2014

Part of a Bigger Story

I gathered with a group of about 20 women on Saturday to share the chronicles of our lives. The attendance of each woman thrilled my soul because I passionately believe that our stories, together, are better. God writes our narratives and wants to overlap them, blend them and fuse together the details to point us simultaneously to Him. And while I was excited to discuss our personal histories, stories swirled in my heart and mind of my Grandfather. He was going to meet Jesus any moment.

Yesterday, I gathered with family and friends to share stories about my Grandpa. I stood up to speak first at his funeral service because I was encouraged to. More than that though, it's because I believe there is power in the sharing of our stories. It was a glimpse of how this short, little Italian man of God impacted my life.

Then I sat and listened to account after account of how Joseph A. Grimaldi's story bettered the lives of those he encountered. I could have stayed in conversation forever. It never ceases to completely amaze me the way God works. Every tale gave a deeper view into who Grandpa Joe was. His story became bigger as each person spoke.

Us grandkids with Grandpa & Grandma

You see, I knew how Grandpa Grimaldi impacted my life. I lived it. However, it was in the sharing that I saw how Grandpa's life influenced everyone he knew. He and my Grandma were intentional in their relationships. They knew how God loved them and they lived that out in the way they interacted with everyone around them. It was evident.

Reminiscing confirmed in my heart that without the stories of others intermingled with mine, the plot is incomplete. We don't know the full story. That's why each person needs to being sharing their story. Every person's story is only a chapter of a greater story: God's story.

I always thought God's work in my life was enough. And it is... in a way. Knowing Jesus truly is more than enough. My life is richer because of Him. But it isn't fully complete. As Ann Voskamp said, "The answer to everything is relationship." God created us for relationship. With Him. With others. Because together, we're better.

Just as my Grandpa's story became clearer with each testimony, God's story works the same. We have to share God's working in our lives if we want to see the beautiful tapestry of His ultimate story unfold. We are told the beginning in Genesis and the ending has been revealed. Our lives fill in the rest of His story. You are part of it and you need to share it.

As you allow God to write His story on your heart, won't you be bold and share? Others need to hear it. It is in the sharing of our stories, we see a more complete picture of our God. 

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  1. "Our lives fill in the rest of His story" - oh I love that so much - and so very sorry for your loss. It sounds like your grandfather was an amazing man.