Friday, April 17, 2015

"If the world was perfect, why did you let it change?"

The other day as Nikelle (almost 13) was doing her homework, she mentioned her assignment to me. I'm supposed to think of a question that I would want to ask God if I were sitting on a bench with Him. Then I am supposed to write what I think His response would be.

Honestly, I was a little nervous for her. I remember speaking up about my relationship with God when I was in school and the responses were not always encouraging. Still, I was curious to see what she would write. 

Today she needed to memorize her piece because her teacher liked it so much. She is going to recite it with some other kids in her grade. (I guess I didn't listen all that well to what this was about.)

I asked her if I could share it because I love her heart. I love that she doesn't taste fear yet in sharing thoughts about God. I think it's an example to the rest of us.

The first line is her question to God and the remainder is what she believes God's response would be in answer to her question.

"If the world was perfect, why did you let it change?"
I wanted something precious to treasure,
something for pleasure.
When I looked down from above,
I wanted to see something I love.
When I made my creation,
I wanted it to be something I could have faith in.
I created the light, the dark,
living things, even tree bark.
When the world was unblemished
I was almost finished.
So I set down some rules
so that my creation wasn't full of fools.
Everything was fine,
so purely divine.
Until sin stepped in my way,
that horrible day.
She took a bite,
he did the same without a fight.
Things were no longer perfect
I couldn't even look at it
Ever since the serpent said lies to her face,
what a disgrace
I couldn't talk to imperfection
even thought it was in my direction
So I sent them out
I had to leave them without a doubt
My perfect sparking gem
Well, let's just say it was no longer them.
Now I give everyone a choice
so that they can use their voice.
They can say "I will follow"
or they can continue to wallow
There is one way to be perfect again
Just listen, obey my commands and then
I'll wash your darkness away
so that you can come into my home and stay
Everything will be completely okay
just like my perfect world that was destroyed that day.


  1. So she is a poet and a lover of God. May He bless her as she speaks to her class and them as they hear these words.

    1. Guess it will be this Friday. Just a cool assignment all around and grateful she isn't intimidated to speak her heart.

  2. wow...very deep thoughts

    1. I know. Good for this momma's heart

  3. That is beautiful...what a girl...and a special family. Jenna's Mom

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Jenna's Mom :) I love knowing that you read my blog. Thanks so much!

  4. Are you kidding me? Wow! Someone got mom's gift of writing!

    1. She's an incredibly gifted kid. God has given her great talents that I pray she always uses for Him!